What is the rat race

Rat race?

That tedious process humans go through daily (Mon-Fri to be precise) to live is what is referred to as the Rat race. We have limited access to our kids and wife as a result of the tedious task at work which happens takes most of our time away from our family. Despite the hard work, you realize you still can’t get ahead, too many bills to pay, loan repayments to make!

You keep working hard, doing the tedious task at the office, or even doing something you love, but someone else is reaping the profits while you slave away for the leftovers.


This article will try to give you the knowledge to escape the rat race.  What this article won’t give you is a get rich quick idea, as that is far from my principles in life. I don’t promote get rich quick ideas as I don’t believe in their existence. However, it will change your way of thinking and educate you financially.


How do you escape the Rat Race?

In life, there is some problem with an easy solution. In fact, the most personal problem in life has an easy solution to it; the challenge is people are not dedicated and committed to these solutions.

Escaping the right race is easy. Easy? Yeah! EASY!!


Follow these few steps and you below


  • Change your mindset: Many people believe that a life of significant autonomy, leisure, relaxation, and free play is the substance of fantasy or a post-retirement destination. I’ve heard people say this kind of life can only be enjoyed post-retirement. This is a wrong mindset to have. I know people in their twenties, early thirties who live this kind of life on a daily basis and still end up with a fat account balance. Start by changing your mindset.


  • Find something that will allow you to make money without a Boss: Yeah, I hate it when I have to work 9-5 daily to enrich someone else’s pocket. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you should quit your job and chase a vague dream hoping to succeed beyond your wildest expectation. Many of the most and successful people of all time started their entrepreneur journey while holding on another job. What I’m saying here is for you not to be too relaxed, too grateful for the employment you have. While at that job, do some research, find a business opportunity that will ease your transition from the workaday will to the independent success you have to be. You need to realize that employment for life won’t help you in escaping the rat race, and it’s no longer a guarantee.


  • Live below your means and invest in Asset: Asset is something that puts money in your pocket without you interfering e.g. Interest from money in the bank, Shares Dividends, Rent from the house you own & let out, These are asset you should invest in. Don’t live above your means. Don’t follow people in the rat race who spend on expensive cars, women, etc.


  • Create goal list, Review options for Streams of Income and Create Action Plan.


These are the same steps I took years ago. I took action to change my life and make a success of my life. I escaped the rat race on my own while having a positive attitude. If I could do it as a normal person just like you, you can as well.