How many Times does an Entrepreneur Fail?

Starting a business is a great undertaking. When a person goes into business. they are trying to establish service or product line. Hopefully, their product or service will benefit people in some way. All people that start a business venture are known as entrepreneurs. The word entrepreneur simply means an individual who organizes and operates a business. This individual also takes on greater than normal financial risks to make their business work.Entrepreneurs by nature are risk takers. They understand that if they don’t succeed, they will end up losing their money, resources and time at a failed undertaking. Entrepreneurs know what they have to do to make their enterprise work. They also realize that they must be ready to succeed at all costs. Failure is not an option. However, failure will more than likely happen. If you ever wanted (or needed) to know how many times does an entrepreneur fail; then keep reading this information. You will find out the answer and it might surprise you.

The Harsh Reality of Failure for Entrepreneurs

At least 9 out of 10 startups will fail. That is an undeniable fact of doing business in America. Trying to figure out who will be the 1 in 10 new startups to succeed is a daunting task. The truth is that start ups fail for many reasons. Most fail because they don’t have enough funding or business minded leadership. However, some startups fail because people don’t like the type of car that the owner drives. Strange as that might sound – it happens more often than you would believe. It also points out the fickle reasons as to why most businesses just won’t make it. I hope we helped you understand how many time an Entrepreneur Fail and fails before it can succeed

How many Times does an Entrepreneur Fail

Thomas Edison tried to make the light bulb at least 10,000 times before he made it shine. Think about that number. Would you (or most people) have tried 10,000 times to make a light bulb shine? Truthfully, most people would have quit after 10 tries. The point is that failure is just a part of the entrepreneurial process. Many of the top businesses and CEO today, have experienced major fails before they finally had become thriving ventures.

Set Yourself Up for Failure and You will Fail

Most people don’t realize this but going into business takes a lot of planning. So many people believe that they can simply sell products or provide a service with little or no thought into what they are doing. They also believe they can maximize their business venture by doing simple things to keep it going. This is true to a certain extent. However, most people just will not go very far in the business world just by making things up as they go along.

If an entrepreneur doesn’t have a busines plan in place, they will fail. If an entrepreneur doesn’t understand how to practically operate a business, they will fail. Entrepreneurs that lack funding to keep their business functioning will fail. Any entrepreneur that doesn’t constantly evaluate and watch their chosen field of business will fail. An entrepreneur that doesn’t know how to adapt to ever changing market conditions will fail. The point is that there are many ways for an entrepreneur to fail. Having an understanding and good working knowledge of business and the field they operate in; will help an entrepreneur to find success.

Still, many entrepreneurs fail before they even start their operations. Most just don’t realize that they are going to fail. They blindly or ignorantly step into the world of business without realizing that failure is waiting on them. This is especially true for people who are not prepared to effectively deal with the real world of business. All entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to have a good working knowledge of their chosen area of business and the laws pertaining to their business.

Lack of Customers will Cause a Business to Fail

Many businesses fail because people don’t know they exist. Many startups are not recognized by most people. Therefore, it is hard for people to frequent an establishment if they don’t know anything about the place. Lack of customers has caused thousands of businesses to close their doors. Startups have to put out advertisements so that the public will know that they exist. If not, they will have a hard time getting clients. Without customers, a business will fail.

Lack of Customers will Cause a Business to Fail
Lack of Customers will Cause a Business to Fail

Factors out an Entrepreneur’s Control can Cause their Business to Fail

The coronavirus pandemic struck the U.S. in January of 2020. When society was forced to shut down a few months later in March, it was a huge blow to businesses everywhere. There were many startup businesses at the time that were trying to get established. Unfortunately, the forced societal shutdown killed many of those newly founded enterprises before they had a chance to get going. Sometimes, there will be factors beyond the control of an entrepreneur that will cause them to fail. The coronavirus pandemic is the perfect example about how things could happen to startups to cause their demise. Truthfully, a few startups will experience factors beyond their control. This type of situation will kill their businesses before they have a chance to make it happen.

Self-Inflicted Failure

Some entrepreneurs will fail because they do things that are conducive to success. For example, an entrepreneur might have a bad disposition with people, a startup might engage in shady practices or a newly found business might have bad customer service. All these negative points could be corrected, but an entrepreneur will not make the necessary steps to correct these issues.

Ultimately, no one can definitively say how many times an entrepreneur will fail. However, it can be reasonably presumed that most unprepared or ignorant entrepreneurs will fail very often. Also, people that do not have resources or good knowledge of their business field will also fail. There are many reasons and factors of failure. Entrepreneurs must make the effort to ensure that they are doing everything within their power to succeed. Truthfully, this might not be enough to keep their business afloat and successful.

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