Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

What Does Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees Mean

This idiom means that money is earned through hard work, and it’s strenuous to acquire. It also means that we should be prudent with the way we spend money since it’s not an endless resource.

Like other plants, trees require adequate water and sunshine to grow strong roots to foster growth, absorbing minerals and nutrients from the soil without necessarily demanding any human help to keep on blossoming. Upon maturity, the tree will produce fruits that can be obtained and enjoyed at no cost. So, without much individual effort, humans can reap the benefits of fruit from a tree. Contrarily, money is arduous to obtain. Gathering fruits from a tree is something that you can do anytime, unlike cash, which requires a sizeable effort to earn, and this is something everyone needs to understand, including children.

What if Money Did Grow on Trees?

Poverty is a major concern in today’s world. Some people have substantial disposable income, while others have little to spend. Unfortunately, some cannot afford even two nutritious meals a day despite others owning a fleet of cars and homes. The concept behind money growing on trees has been debated for quite long. For instance, how would life be today if money grew on trees? At first, it may seem thrilling to harvest money in your homestead, but on the other hand, it could have severe consequences.

If money grew on trees today, it would impact profoundly on the utilization of resources. If everyone had vast chunks of money, it would have led to the depletion of resources since everyone would have the power to buy the same products. The world’s resources are scarce in supply, and therefore they cannot cope with the ever skyrocketing demand. If that’s the reality, the world would be short of non-renewable resources, which is an indication that money growing on trees isn’t a prudent idea.

Children all over the world are being taught about the significance of saving money. If money is infiniteness, then money-saving lessons would be baseless since kids would have plenty of it to spend. People would not see the significance of saving money since all they need is to harvest from trees. No one would be a work ethic if money grew on trees because everyone would have enough to fulfill his or her desires.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Another drawback of this is that currency would be of no importance. A rapid increase in money in circulation would result in inflation, depreciating the currency value. Despite having money, it would not be easy to buy things since there is a lot of money in circulation chasing a few goods. This could result in runaway inflation, which would kill the economy. The stock market would cease to exist because the money would have no value leading to a massive loss of jobs.

After all, money growing on trees looks like a good idea to some people, especially those living in poverty and the heavily indebted. However, if they realize the vast consequences it would bring about, they would more likely change their minds. It would make currency lose value, and children would find it illogical to learn concepts of saving money. In general, this is not a feasible idea.

Ways to Make Money Growing Trees

Diversification is critical if you’re looking to make extra cash on your homestead.

Growing trees is an investment that should not be underrated because it’s profitable.

There are plenty of ways you can earn money by growing trees in your backyard.

Before you embark on growing trees in your backyard, it’s vital to make up your mind about the trees you intend to grow. Here are ways to make a profit when growing trees.

Growing trees that produce fruits and nuts

Upon maturity, you can choose to sell fruits or nuts in raw form or process them into more useful products.

Growing trees for firewood

Besides making money from the sale of firewood, you’ll still have firewood for your personal use. This will also help you to save money.

Growing Bonsai Trees

These are another crop of trees whose demand is very high. You can auction them to landowners and homesteaders.

Growing Saplings of Trees

They produce substantial yields that can be sold to the interested homesteaders and landowners.

Growing Trees for Timber

Timber is used in the making of furniture, craft projects and construction of many other projects. By growing trees for the timber, you’ll get to make extra cash since the trees’ demand is quite high.

I hope that we explained now that money doesn’t grow on trees, you need to earn  but you can make money with trees.