How to get into currency trading

How to get into currency trading


How to get into currency trading here an explanation You can’t afford to ignore currency trading anymore. Trading on the currency market is also known as trading forex. It really doesn’t matter who we are or what stage in life we’re at. You could be in school and you can’t seem to figure out the rules of global finance. You could be holding down a job but you desire to make a decent second income in your spare time.
You could already be involved in the financial markets as a retail trader or investor, but with low yields and depressed growth all around the world, you are searching for an asset class that offers unparalleled returns. You might even be a fund manager who holds an international portfolio in different asset classes, such as equities, bonds, and product.
However, with central banks lowering rates and injecting record amounts of solidity into the financial system, you realize the importance of protecting your entire portfolio against currency risks. Finally, you might be someone running a multinational company. You could be based in one country, but your offices span across many countries all around the world. Expenses for salaries, infrastructure, machinery, and supplies are paid out in different currencies every single month. As the business gets larger, you can’t turn a blind eye to the currency fluctuations,
which have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line every month.

“The sooner we all understand the forex “game,” the better it is going to
be for us. Forex is a game for three reasons. First, playing it must be fun.
Second, we play it with an intention to win. Finally, it has rules. If you break
the rules, the rules will break you.”

How it All Came into being

Currency trading or Forex refers to the foreign exchange market, where currencies are traded. It is the biggest and fastest growing financial market in the world, with an average daily turnover of almost $2 trillion. Many times the total traded volume on the US stock exchange.

The wide availability of sophisticated technology has spawned a whole new level of foreign exchange, where self-directed traders can easily buy and sell currencies through an internet connection with a click of a mouse. Dealing with the invisible counterparties on the other side of the transaction.

“Welcome to the new world of online forex trading.”

Basic Forex Terminology

  Base Currency

The type of currency you are spending or getting rid of is the base currency. The currency that you are purchasing is called quote currency. In this type of trading, one currency is sold to buy another.

  Exchange Rates

The quick variance of money trade rates is what draws into the forex advertise as monetary forms are exceedingly delicate, and in this way respond quickly to changing the financial state of nations or areas, changing loan fees and political occurring the world over. Most real monetary forms, for the most part, move under 1% every day which is much lower than that of dynamic stock, which can without much of a stretch move between 5-10 every day.


Outside money trade rates might be exchanged one of three ways:


  • On a trade that is directed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTCC).


  • On a trade that is directed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


  • In the off-trade, likewise brought the over-the-counter (OTC) advertise. A retail client exchanges straightforwardly with a counter-party and there is no trade or focal clearinghouse to help the exchange. A Long Position

A long position means that you want to buy the base currency and sell the quote currency. You would want to sell U.S. dollars to purchase British pounds.

  A short Position

A short position means if you want to buy quote currency and sell base currency. In simple words, you would sell British pound and purchase U.S dollars.

How are foreign currencies quoted and prices?

Currencies are designated by three letter symbols. The standard symbols for some of the most commonly traded currencies are:
EUR – Euros
USD – United States dollar
CAD – Canadian dollar
GBP – British pound
JPY – Japanese Yen
AUD – Australian dollar
CHF – Swiss franc
Forex exchanges are cited in sets since you are getting one cash while offering another. The main cash is the base money and the second money is the state money. The cost, or rate, that is cited is the measure of the second money required to buy one unit of the principal cash. For instance, if EUR/USD has a soliciting cost from 1.2178, you can get one Euro at 1.2178 US dollars.

How do Calculate Profit & Loss?

When you finish off an exchange, you can compute your benefits and misfortunes utilizing the accompanying equation:

How to get into currency trading

On the off chance that the state money isn’t in US dollars, you should change over the benefit or misfortune to US dollars at the merchant’s rate. Further, if the merchant charges commissions or different expenses, you should subtract those commissions and expenses from your benefits and add them to your misfortunes to decide your actual benefits and misfortunes.

5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW About Currency Trading

  1. When you know better you do better

Different individuals consider Forex advertise in various ways. Some of them judge the market as an exceptionally confounding circle and believe that exchanging Forex is extremely troublesome. Conversely, others feel that exchanging is simple and does not require any learning or there are no prerequisite knowledge requirements. All in all, who is correct? In reality, the two perspectives aren’t right: Forex showcase isn’t a muddled and troublesome one, yet in the meantime, everybody who needs to begin exchanging needs learning about the advertise to have the capacity to make a benefit instead of misfortunes from it.

  1. Just do it yourself. Trading plan

Trading in Foreign Exchange market is a very risky process. Mainly, the reason people lose at
the beginning is that they do not have enough knowledge, have not ever trained and studied the market, do not know how it works. Of course, in this case, it is easy to suffer losses.
You should have your trading plan before starting trading. Never follow someone’s experience, because somebody’s strategy will not necessarily work for you. You had better follow your own market views, risk tolerance level and make your own trading plan.

  1. Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice

No matter how enquiring you are towards the trade currency market, you should realize that in
order to have a better understanding of the market, first of all, you need all trade in a Demo account.
IFC Markets gives you an opportunity to try yourself in Demo account without any deadline. By this way, you will study everything you will need in future real trading. Thus, open a real account and invest real money only when you feel sure you are ready for entering the world of trading.

  1. You’d better manage your risks!
  • You do not need to risk more than 2- 20% of your total capital (deposit). Risk management will help you to avoid suffering high losses on any trade.
  • Use of stop losses. These orders are for automatic closing of your positions at a particular price so as to limit losses at the times you do not follow the market. Stop losses are essential for risk management and require close study.
  • Determine your position size based on how much you will lose if the stop- loss has worked at the set price. This loss should not exceed a pre-determined level of risk.
  • Control your emotions, which may overrule the situation and make your trading stressful and nervous. Don’t forget that rationality is the key to successful trading.
  1. Confidence – half the battle.

It was already mentioned about the risky character of trading. In spite of the different methods of analysis that are used by the traders, still, everyone should know that the market cannot be predicted by 100%. Without a doubt, individuals put much cash in Forex, and it here and there swings to be extremely ineffective on the grounds that the market may go toward another path, in this manner bringing about high misfortunes. Anyway, the essential thing while at the same time exchanging is to remain mentally adjusted and solid, since while falling into sadness, you may not settle on a judicious choice. You simply should be casual so as not act apprehensively and nonsensically.


Choose a Financial Company

The choice of a financial company is very important because the trade deals with it regarding any matter and surely it is very important to refer to a trusted one, with which you may work for a long time. Here are the most important features to take into consideration:


So, now we are ready to get a general idea about Forex exchanging, especially how exchanging is acknowledged in Forex, what the Forex investigation strategies are, the manner by which to deal with them, what edge exchange is, the thing that one has to think about money sets and so forth.

Each money related organization proposes one or a few exchanging stages, in addition, a budgetary organization giving its own stage is probably going to have favourable position over others. Methods for opening a record in every stage ought to be portrayed in subtle elements; generally, dealers will confront troubles.


Each financial company has various account types. They differ from each other by minimum
and maximum deposits, as well as by minimum and maximum leverage ratios and other parameters.

This is a very significant point since they are not the same for all brokers. They greatly differ among the brokerage companies. That difference lies in the variety of currency pairs available for trading, as well as in the variety of Contract for Difference trading. The best financial companies provide an opportunity for traders to trade not only currencies but also CFDs on equities, indices and commodities. One more thing to take into account is low spreads.

The company should provide convenient deposit methods to its clients.


Without any contact means a financial company cannot be considered a properly operating
one. Among all contact means (Telephone, E-Mail, Skype, Callback, and Live Chat) live support plays a very significant role. It partially represents the company’s image, its quality. Chat of the company with a high rating should be multilingual and punctual in response. The rating of the company also depends on the ability

The velocity of transfers is one of the indicators of a financial company to have highly-qualified.
Having all the information above written in mind and the feeling of enthusiasm, you may already start studying this interesting market. For some of you, it may be a new
sphere of activity and you will need to be patient and positive in order to succeed. Spend your time effectively and you will definitely make high profits from Forex. Be risky, as “Nothing ventured nothing gained.”

The ideal intend to use in the forex showcase is the one that immaculately suits you. Two merchants can utilize precisely the same yet have distinctive outcomes. This is primarily because of the merchant’s identity, which makes him or her intrude with the exchange as it is locked in.
There are essentially five categories of traders in the world: scalpers, day traders, swing traders, position traders, and mechanical traders. The principal contrast among the classifications of dealers is the time periods utilized while exchanging. Basically, the time allotment in which an exchanging position is held increments from a hawker to an informal investor, to a swing merchant, lastly to a position merchant. Mechanical dealers are careless in regards to the progression of time. Their exchanges depend on a settled standard, paying little heed to time allotment and paying little heed to advertise movement. Nobody classification of brokers is superior to alternate, as every classification has its own one of a kind qualities and favourable circumstances. The true objective for all classifications of dealers is the same: to be reliably beneficial when exchanging the forex showcase. Similarly, as games mentors put competitors through a progression of tests to learn their prevailing qualities, growing forex merchants must decide their own qualities. Finding your stream as a merchant is basic to your objective of getting to be a gainful merchant for the last time.