If you want to learn how to start a blog and make money online for free, you will find hundreds of sites that you can use relatively easily. Sites such as WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo and many others have provided very easy layouts for everyone to create a blog that you can use to make money at home. For Hosting Services we think BleuHOst register free domein is really the best out there

Probably the most difficult parts to learn how to start a blog and make money online for free is to learn the items you need to add to a blog to attract site visitors and the programs you use to add to your add blogs to make money. It’s a known fact that you can make a lot of money blogging and it’s also very easy. If you act now and create a blog, you can create a long-term passive income. All you need is only four things and they are:



When blogging, do you need to know or know what people are looking for and are they drawn from your blog? You need to give them answers to the simplest questions, for example, how can you blog? How can you recover data from your damaged hard drive? How can you restore your Windows password? It is true that there are many people who want to know the answers to these questions and if your blog is able to give them the answers, that you can earn money. Also, be sure to know when to set up your blog. It is not enough to start your blog to put it in mind. In fact, it costs much more than that to make your website an informative and cost-effective source of information.


You need the patience to wait for your blog to make money for you. That takes time. If you want to enjoy blogs, remember that you must always write new and innovative content. At least 5-7 times in a week for months until you will start to see the fruits of your labor.


If no one reads your blog, you are not visible to attract advertisers. Nobody will be interested in clicking on your ads. Remember, therefore, that if you are an excellent blogger, your work does not stop; you also need very good public relations skills. You will have to spend a lot of time reading and participating in conversations on other blogs. You must submit your articles to the various social networking sites and build an extensive network of like-minded bloggers. Building friendship in the blogosphere is the way to succeed. Contact your friends to link your articles and place you in their scrolls and discuss you wherever they go.

Some basic writing skills ( or make money with skill

You must also be aware of writing in English so that your message reaches the crowd. Say what you have to say, as long as you know what you are saying is right and the truth. English is the verbal communication of the Internet world and you are no exception. If you want to get the most out of exposing your content as a stand-alone blogger, you should say it in English.

how to make money online
how to make money online