How to Donate Plasma and Make Money (The Definitive Guide)

How to Donate Plasma and Make Money (The Definitive Guide)

Plasma is a principal constituent of the blood and a source of various types of proteins to your body. But have you ever considered the fact that you can donate plasma and make money? If not, then let us introduce you to this remarkable method of making a few extra bucks.

We realized the fact that many people want to donate plasma and make money through it but don’t know the process. So we have written this complete guide to help people make money by donating plasma.

Many plasma centres all over the world accept the plasma donations and give you money for that. But how can you donate plasma and make money from there? Let’s discuss this in detail.

How can you donate Plasma?

The first step for donating Plasma is to find the nearest plasma center to you that accept plasma donations and pay you for it. Well, it’s not a difficult task, and you don’t need to take appointments for most of them.

Here are some common questions related to donating plasma.

What is the best time to donate plasma?

Most of the plasma centers accept walk-in plasma donations so you can go in your available time. The best time to donate plasma is early in the morning as your body is fresh.

What do you need to donate plasma?

Here is a small checklist you must follow to donate plasma.

  • ID Card (With Photo)
  • Social Security or Border Crossing Identification
  • Address Proof

Process of Donating Plasma and Earning Money

After entering the plasma donation center, you need to see the receptionist first that will be waiting to greet you and will guide you through the plasma donation process. You will have to fill some forms (about your personal information and medical history)

After the formal paperwork, the staff will arrange a screening time of your blood sample to check protein levels to judge if you are eligible to donate or not. (Don’t worry, most of the people do fine). As soon as they approve your eligibility, you can start the first session of your plasma donation, which will take around 2 hours as this will be your first time. After the first donation, you can expect your session not to exceed 90 minutes.

When the session gets finished, the donation center will pay you a predetermined handful amount (you will have to ask before the donation as the payment varies with donation centers)

How Will You Get Paid?

You can get the payment for the plasma donation through various mediums. Most donation centers use debit cards as their first choice (Little transaction fees will be charged).

Few donation centers pay you through inhouse rewards, which you can redeem in cash and gifts.

Donate Plasma and Make Money – But What’s the Limit?

You can earn $20 to $50 per donation, but there is no fixed value that you will receive. It depends on the donation center’s payment rates and your capability of donating plasma. Let’s discuss the factors that will make it clear to you how much money you can make by plasma donation.

Frequency of Your Donation

It depends on how frequently you are donating the plasma. The plasma donation centers may take up to 2 donations from you per week.

Your Ability of Donation

It is evident that the healthier you are, the more you can donate. Your weight and age generally determine the ability of your plasma donation.

Duration of the Visit

Your first donation of Plasma always takes more time. As you tend to donate more frequently, the length of your visits will cut short.

There is one thing to note here. You might get paid a little extra for the first time as donation centers use this strategy to attract new customers. You might also want to know about special promotions that they offer monthly or for a particular time period.

Health and Safety for Donating Plasma and Making Money

Your health is everything for you and the donation center. As long as you are safe and healthy, you will able to donate plasma and make money. It is the duty of the donation center facility to provide you clean and sterile equipment. It is strictly against the international laws to reuse unsterilized tools and equipment.

It is a bonus if your donation center is a member of the International Quality Plasma Program. They will undertake extra safety measures for your health. The government authorities audit and inspect the plasma donation centers for quality assurance. This reduces health and safety risks.

What are the Benefits of Donating Plasma for Money?

The benefits of donating plasma for money are two-sided. It not only gives you money but also help others too. You will assist in saving someone’s life. What more can you contribute to someone? As you may know, blood plasma is very useful in treating respiratory disorders and healing wounds. Your donation can be so much more meaningful to someone who is battling cancer or injury. Do not think any of your help small. It might do wonders for someone.

Side Effects of Plasma Donation

Like any other ordinary medical procedure, Plasma donation has some side effects too. As the vitamins, fluids, proteins are leaving your body through the blood, the doctors assess you if you are ready to donate a plasma or not. The technicians will never allow you to give plasma if they find any clues of addiction or diseases from you.

Some people can feel more side effects from the other. It has nothing to do with their health directly. It’s more related to their genes. Lightheadedness is the most common side effect of plasma donation as the oxygen levels go down after the donation. Fatigue, Dehydration, and Site Infection are other common problems faced by Donating Plasma.

How can you prevent or at least reduce them to minimalistic? The first thing you should do is to sleep properly before donating plasma to donation centers. It is the key to your health. Secondly, do not go for excessive work after giving the plasma and stay hydrated. Following these tips, you will feel much more comfortable and relaxed.

So, is it Worth it or Not?

It is really an excellent idea to donate plasma and make money as you are earning money by doing social service.  It is undoubtedly worth it to go to your nearest plasma donation center now and start giving it right away!

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