5 Ways To Tell If Success Has Gotten To Your Head

When success goes to your head

To achieve success is the dream of most people and that is what they work towards. It is a wonderful feeling when despite every challenge one attains success. When you become successful, you must guide jealously to ensure it does not get into the head.

This is an important issue and many successful people in the past always find it hard to deal with this problem. Allowing success get to your head is like allowing ego to rule you. When that happens, you see that everything will begin to fall apart. You can lose control of everything including those successes you took time to achieve. If you fail to manage success, and you allow it to get to your head, you may lose everything you have fought for. Overgrown ego is not good, and that is something you must be watchful over when you attain success because it can overdo you.

Signs that success gets to you head:

Some certain behaviors or signs can show success has gotten to your head.

When you hog the spotlight

This is a sign that you are not managing success well. Do not put yourself in the front, and keep others in the shadow. If you do that, it is a sign that it has gotten to your head. What that means is that you are not communicating with success, rather you are fronting yourself and ego. You need to put others forward, this makes you look better, and it is the correct thing to do.

You no longer learn

Learning should be a continuous process. It is not a thing of chance. Learning involves humility, diligence, as well as work. Luck and talent can be spontaneous because it can happen to any person. Even if you are successful, you must learn and keep learning to build on your success. If you do not learn you will see that your success is transient, and it will not last long.

Do not take all the credit

Success cannot come as a single effort. You can accomplish it through the help or cooperation of other people. Do not pretend or assume that your success is as a result of your efforts. Do not alienate others who were with you all the way. The same people who helped you attain that success you will still need again.

Sense of entitlement

Success goes into your head when you have a sense of entitlement. When you deserve certain, or the most important privileges ahead of other people is not good. It comes with lots of consequences. This can lead to contempt and resentment. The fact you are the boss does not mean you are at the front of the line and you do not have to put yourself at the front of the line.

You refuse feedback

If you refuse or ignore feedback, it simply signifies that you are thinking yourself to be over smart and you are above others hence you do not need their advice. When this happens, you are only undermining your success. Successes can come to those who listen and responds to others. If you do not do that, it signals your imminent failure.

Engaging in self-centered behavior

5 Ways To Tell If Success Has Gotten To Your Head
5 Ways To Tell If Success Has Gotten To Your Head

Do not be over self-centered, it is going to hurt your successes. When you form the habit of putting yourself ahead of others consistently, it simply means that you have not attained the success you have desired. When you are successful, you will learn how to share and relate with those around you.

You are difficult to stay with

You are not successful when other people are finding it hard to stay with you. If you continue with that behavior, you discover that nobody comes close to you and you will be alone.

You become respectful to other people

If you become disrespectful to other people, it means that success has gotten to your head. When you look down others, there is a need for attitudinal change because it can affect you negatively.

If you expect respect from others you must respect others, because everyone deserves respect. Form the habit of respecting people and treat them the way you would expect them to treat you.

How do you handle success gracefully?

When you become successful, do not brag about it. This is one of the common mistakes that people make. When you brag about your successes, it shows that you lack self-confidence. It can also be a sign of insecurity on your part. When you are successful, the first thing you should know is how to shut up. Do not boast about it. Learn how to be humble when you are successful. It is not your duty to tell people you are successful. Let them on their own find out that you have achieved success.


If you can brag about your successes, the next thing to do is to celebrate it. It is a way of rewarding yourself for having come so far to reach where you are today. It is a time for stocktaking. When you celebrate your successes, it can make you succeed more. If you fail to reward yourself for the successes over the years, you can even lose the taste of the successes you have achieved. It can spur you for more success. This is going to boost you and you are going to achieve more.

Get back to work

When you celebrate your success, then you have to get back to work. The success celebration will refill your energy and it is going to make you achieve more. Because of that, you need to get back to work since you have already renewed your energy.

Share your experiences and let others learn from you

Achieving success is important, but what is more important is to inspire others to learn from your successes. You should allow your successes to touch other people’s lives, and that can make them successful as well. The most important thing is that others should be able to learn from you. Your successes should be replicated by others and that means that they can follow your steps and your inspirations to succeed. You should be able to create more successful people.

Do not forget where you come from

You must remember where you come from. When you do that, it will remind you of the real journey you have undertaken in the process. You should not forget that the journey is not always like this. The fact that you are here does not mean it is easy, many people had passed through that process and yet they are not able to reach where you are today. Do not forget the journey that brings you to this stage and this helps make sure your success does not get into your head. This is very important.

Success is not permanent

Another thing that you cannot forget is the fact that success is temporary. If you do not manage it very well, it can getaway. The implications are that you should not rest on your laurels. Once you are on the edge you must focus and do not lose your eyes on the ball, because you can easily fall. If you allow success to get to your heads, it would cause your failure.

Avoid feeding on your ego

This advice is important because it can lead to your downfall. It is not important that you isolate yourself from reality and do not build a relationship with only those people that stroke your ego. When you surround yourself with only yes people, you are in trouble because it means you are talking to yourself.

Get off your high horse

Do not be like those people who liked to be worshipped when they start to achieve success. When you have arrived, treat every people with dignity and see everyone as very important. The fact that you have achieved success does not mean that you are better than every other else.

Be humble

Do not allow success to get into heads. When you mistake, you must be quick about apologizing to people you have wronged. Do not divert and blame others for the mistakes you made. You must be humble when you make mistake and that will tell you that you are human.

Be flexible and tolerant

Besides, everybody must like you. You must learn how to be tolerant. There is a need for flexibility in dealing with people. Do not consider other people as paperwork where you are going to be very rigid. You must avoid all forms of stereotyping and see everyone as special and unique.


These are the secrets to remain successful. If you allow your success to get to your head, then your fall is imminent. Success is not easy to come by. In the same way, it is not easy to manage. If you can manage your success, you will continue to achieve more success. You should not allow success to get to your head.

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